The Import Export Grid is the essence and spirit of new marketing to explore the opportunities for you to increase trade worldwide.

We inspire collaboration, sharing, understanding and trade relationships, By providing an invigorating tool for forward thinking businesses. We want to help you to grow market opportunities in a rapidly changing and expanding world within our secured trade lines in over 30 countries.


The Import Export Grid brings those who want to export with those that want to import new products and services to their countries and to engage in evaluating export opportunities from pre profiled organisations. The foremost desire of our agency is to provide you with potential partners who have similar values and purposes as you. We want you to explore the product or service with partners who are looking forward, stimulated by the exciting new horizons that they want to share.

Registering on the Grid is the first step towards broadening your trading horizons, Whether you are looking for distributors, trading partners, licensees or to create joint ventures.

Once registered you will be able to search for companies who are looking to develop trading in product ranges and market sectors – they are all catogorised / indexed and profiled.

High quality support is one of our fundamental services. We have employed specialists in the countries that stimulate your interest. They are trained and up to speed with trending areas and products. If you do not find the right partner, we can provide support to help find your target.

REGISTERING IS FREE. We have online and voice support to assist with registration or any related commercial questions. Once registered and the profiling is complete, we will release the details within a secured privacy framework, which will enable you to carry on with the collaboration.

Companies that are registered, will be able to see your requirements. The moment they indicate interest, we will fix and arrange for both of you to explore the mutual opportunities. You too can see profiles of organisations who want to trade, as we will showcase you upon when PROFILING is complete.

Your registration is annual, always free, but you can purchase specific research in the required sectors and have special profiles constructed to help you identify your specific ideal collaboration for success. You can amend the criteria for which you are registered at any time. You can have multiple different entries should you want to offer other products and services showcased through The Import Export Grid.

Our physical presence in other leading markets, help us strive faster and stronger in brining you the best.

Take the path towards successful collaboration now, supported by our export teams and our dynamic management. This exciting changing world is a new era. Be inspired, It is within your grasp today to boost your export business across the world.


for anything further, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time, Our Support Staff would be more than happy to assist you. You can use any of our Support Channels :